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Watch the Sunflower Grow


A beautiful sunflower and insect themed height chart, personalised with either your little ones name or the name of a nursery/pre-school.


They are individually personalised with the child/children’s name to make an exciting and unique gift or perhaps this height chart can be given to your little ones nursery or pre-school as a gift to thank the teachers and staff.   


This particular height chart is ideal to be used as a sharing chart in areas with lots of children - there are lots of exciting learning elements for them to study such as insects and fruit as well as measuring their growing height.


We recommend ordering this height chart with the velcro wall stickers if this chart is to be used in a nursery/ pre-school setting. 

Watch the Sunflower Grow

  • Height Chart Measurements: 

    The measurements on the height chart start at 50cm and go up to 150cm. Since all our charts are designed in-house these measurements can be altered if you wish (60-160cm or 70-170cm).



    Our charts are printed on a luxury 220gsm material that features an acrylic coating, this is a strong, firm textile that does not fray/tear. 

    The material can be written on using a pen, alternatively you can write on the reverse side of the canvas to keep the height chart in it's original condition. Perhaps use a magnetic button or clip to mark your little ones height as they grow.


    How to Hang your Height Chart:  


    No Hanger Required:  The fabric height chart comes ready for you to hang to the wall.  We do recommend purchasing the chart with either our Velcro Hangable or Magnetic Wooden Hanger.


    Velcro Hangable: Should you wish to order the Velcro Hangable to hang your chart then you will receive 4 sets of Velcro tabs - Each set includes two pieces - one piece to stick to the four corners of the height chart and one piece to stick to the wall (see photo for correct use). The velcro hangables are the perfect way to hang your height chart without damaging your walls.  They are easy-to-remove with a peel tab for damage-free hanging should you wish to take down the chart and hang it elsewhere.

    This option is ideal if you don't want to put a nail in the wall for the hanger or if you feel you are likely to move the height chart at some point. 


    Wooden Magnetic Hanger:  The wooden hanger comes in a choice of three colours - white, light wood or black. Simply attach the magnetic hangers to the top and bottom of the chart when ready to hang.  The string attached to the top of the wooden bar is designed to hang on a hook or nail.  The hanger acts as lovely decorative tool to any nursery or little ones bedroom.  


    Due to monitor differences, actual colours may vary slightly.

    Actual Printed Size: 

    W30cm x H120cm

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