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Horse Hoof Prints



A precious photo plate to remember a loved horse.


This watercolour style personalised remembrance photo plate will make a precious keepsake - purchase for yourself, your other half or a family member or friend if they have lost their beloved Horse.  


Personalisation Information Needed for the Plate:

For this plate please add the following into the custom field opposite;

  • Pet name 
  • Important pet dates (birth/the day they left us)


This personalised plate requires a photograph to be emailed to us once you have ordered the plate.

Please choose a photograph which is landscape in paper orientation & a high quality resolution.  


Your chosen photograph should be a photo of your beloved pet (see our example for ideas), all we ask is that the subject of the photograph is central in the photo as this will work best with our watercolour effect. 


Since all our designs are made in-house please let us know if you do not wish to include all the personalisation details or perhaps you would like to add someother information. 

Horse Hoof Prints

  • Plate Dimensions:

    19.4cm Diameter 

    Plate Material:  

    Our personalised plates are made from melamine and are drop and break resistant, they are easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

    Designs are printed onto the front of the plate, while the back is kept clean and neutral; the perfect contrast.

    Displaying your Plate:

    Choose from ordering a clear display stand with your personalised plate. This stand is the ideal way to showcase your plate on a flat surface.  

    Should you choose to order your plate without the display stand, then we can recommend using either a wire plate hanger or a self-adhesive wall sticker if you would like your plate to be mounted on the wall. 

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